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I feel like my body has changed so much since having my baby, I was 9stone when I got pregnant and now I’m 12stone, I’m so scared that my boyfriend will start seeing me the way I see myself, he calls me beautiful but I don’t feel it, I wanna go to the gym but have no one to have the baby since he works all week :/ so I feel hopeless
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Maybe try looking for a post natal class of some kind… often you take your baby with you to these. Be realistic your body has done amazing thing it take quite some time to get ‘your’ body back in lots of ways. Please believe your boyfriend…. He is looking at the person he loves, he loves you and he is clearly showing he loves you as a whole person not just for the body you used to have. X

Exercise eat well feel pretty with comfy clothes , start for you that’s the main thing what’s your goal ??

Don’t worry about the weight. You just created and birthed a human being. Your partner finds you beautiful and you should too. Try home workouts or go on walks with the baby in a stroller.

Your body has just created, nourished and is now literally keeping someone else alive. It’s hard seeing it that way but focus on eating well if you can and resting when you can. If you want to work out, use your baby as your weights and try something at home. 😊 If your boyfriend doesn’t appreciate what you’ve done, it’s his loss.

How old is the baby? Give yourself time. It can take a year to start to feel like your body is yours again. You don’t have to go to the gym to loose weight although might help your self confidence. Get active by going for walks or jogs with the baby.

look into gyms that offer a few hours of daycare! I was having the same issue not having someone to watch the baby or not wanting to go to the gym late when my partner finally gets home. I think it’s worth the investment! Plus I love the opportunity to just shower in peace too 😅

Do at home exercises

Hi oh dont beat yourslef up . Out bodies do change . in was 9-1/2 stone before pregnancy then 12.9 after having my daughter . I have managed to get down to 10.11 - i walk every day . no matter what the weather get steps in. And am lucky the gym i go to does buggy fitness classes so can take baby to. usually once a week. Just slowly make changes helps. my eating was so bad and got out of hand in pregnancy so am a bit more cautious and try have more protein to fill me up. Dont stress yourself tho. and good luck xxxx

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