UK BOY name

What vibe does everyone get from Chester? Is it old man, the UK city, fashionable or something bad 🤣?
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@Chloe the cheeto mascot is named Chester I think

It gives me posh vibes. Not in a bad way though I do think it’s cute

I was also thinking Linkin park! I knew a Chester in high school he was a pretty quiet/chill guy. I like the name!

Frumpy to me

I like Chester, makes me think of Chester from Linkin Park 💕

I considered Chester for my eldest. I went with Nico, absolutely can't imagine him as a Chester at all 🤣

I don’t know why but when I hear Chester it reminds me of a cat name? In the same vibe as Oscar and Felix. Is there a famous Chester the cat or am I just hearing the similarities to the Cheshire Cat 🐱 (I know my account says I’m in America but I’m actually British 😅)

Holly Willoughby has a son named Chester. Personally, I think it's lovely 🫶

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