Baby coming early

I don’t know why but I just have a feeling that my baby is going to come early😅 I’m due the 8th of January but I was told last week she’s already head down and estimated 5lb2! I’m just worried she’s going to come early.
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My boy has been head down since 18 weeks, im now 31 weeks and he’s still quite comfortable in there even though i had a 29 weeker last time 😅

@Alison After my appointment today it’s something I’m considering as well 😂 They’ve told me today that my iron levels are very low so I’ll have more bloods drawn in 2 weeks and if they haven’t gone up I’ll have to have infusions too, pregnancy has been a very interesting experience so far for sure!

@Kaz I'm trying to get a c section 🙈😅 I've been suffering with a chest infection since September .. technically the infection has passed (according to my bloods) but I still have all the symptoms, and don't think I have the breath in me for a natural labour 😂😂😂 tbf though, I have no idea how a c section scar will heal with regular coughing 😩😩😩

@Alison Yeah I had my GTT 2 weeks ago and it’s all clear, I’m the same no symptoms other than a chunky baby so they’re assuming he’s just going to be a big boy 😂 I’m hoping he does come early because the rate he’s growing I don’t want to be pushing him out at 40 weeks 😂

@Kaz have you not been referred for a glucose test because of it then?! I'm annoyed I have as I've already had one and it came back negative 😂 I know it could've developed between now and then, but I feel like he could just be a big baby and come early 😂 I have no other symptoms for diabetes - glucose in urine or anything like that 🙈

I have the same feeling, I’m due 7th Jan and was told 2 weeks ago baby was 4lb 10, so I’m now being monitored for gestational diabetes. I would be very happy to have an early baby now.

@Alison My boy is measuring the exact same! I’m 32+6 and he’s measuring 5lbs6oz as of today! My midwife said he’s going to be a nice chunky baby 😂

I'm exactly the same! Same due date and everything! I had a growth scan yesterday at 33 weeks and he's measuring at 37 weeks, 5lbs6ozs 🙈😅

I share your worry! I’m due 3rd January and am obsessively worried I’ll have a Christmas baby 😅

@Rach 🧿🧿🧿 it was at a growth scan last week, got another one booked for the 15th of December

My baby has been head down at every scan I've had even ones at 15 weeks etc I don't think it means anything about coming early. Was it growth scan?

I had the same feeling in my first pregnancy and the baby came at 42+2 😂

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