OB appointment after midwife appointment?

I have my 16/17 week midwife appointment on Thursday but I've seen the hospital has also scheduled an OBGYN appointment for the following day. There's no additional context and when I called the receptionist was super rude and unhelpful. Has anyone had this before? Not sure if I should be worried or if it's routine.
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Thank you! @Doniya ❤️

I was told to start Aspirin as my Papp levels were low 0.38 and check thyroid levels and start iron tablet every other day

@Marija and @HC123 it was to discuss my thyroid levels and just get more checks to make sure that everything is at the right level!

I have thyroid problems too! I'll find out this week and let you know ☺️

I was told if you have thyroid issues or a larger cyst would have to have an appointment with consuntant . Also have one booked for 16 weeks

I have the same, just the 5th and than the 8th of December, not sure why either. I thought mine may be because I have some thyroid issues, can you please let me know what they say to you? 🤗

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