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Hi girls 🤩 I was at my 38 week midwife appt today and she’s sending me for a growth scan as baby has went from 90th percentile to above 97th percentile… has anyone ever had this and could tell me the outcome at the scan? I know the measuring can be inaccurate but I’m just keen to hear others experiences 💗
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My growth scans were pretty accurate, he was measuring on the bigger side each time and he ended up being 10lb 3oz! But a couple of my friends have been told they were having bigger babies to then deliver 6lb babies so some haven’t been so accurate

I was told 8lb8 at my 38 week scan.. I had him 4 days later at 9lb1 🤣 my growth scans were pretty accurate x

My growth scan at 38 weeks was 9lb2 estimate and he was born through induction at 39 weeks at 9lb4 so pretty accurate

My son was always above, then below every single time! 😂 he was born at 6lb 9oz so not a bad weight all things considered.

@Georgina Yeah, small for gestational age. They thought she/I may have uterine growth restriction, but I was told she and I were fine.

@Georgina small for gestational age I believe

My baby was measuring 80 percentile with his stomach measuring as if I was 40 weeks at my 36 week app. One Dr said baby would be 8lbs at birth another said the baby could be up to 9lbs. My baby was 8lbs & 4oz at birth!

@Katie sorry if this is obvious.. what does SGA mean xx

@Georgina Thankyou xx

With my first I had extra growth scans at 38 and 40 due to her measuring small. They said she was fine from their measurements, growing fine and at a good weight apparently 7lb+ etc She was born SGA, 6lb8 at 42w 😕 The measurements are so inaccurate in my experience, whether it be fundal or scan measuring. I have to have extra scans and checks with this pregnancy as she was SGA so he's at risk of being SGA too.

@Shannon I’ve had one every 2 weeks and if anything shows up in my urine or my blood pressure etc she brings me back within a week rather than waiting the two weeks xx

Off topic question but since you were around 30 weeks how many midwife appointments have you had? I’m 34 weeks and they’re now doing an investigation as to why I haven’t been seen since September. Xx Thanks

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