Is anyone’s little one in nursery at 10 months? Is there anything I should know about or any good tips to make life easier haha x
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My eldest started at 10 months and loved it. She then had 3 months off due to covid and then she cried at drop off for ages. In my very limited experience they settle much better the younger they are. Make sure the nursery know the baby’s routine (if they have one) and make sure you’re flexible about bedtime. Eg, they don’t need a bath every night if they’re exhausted.

My LO has been doing 1 day a week since 7 months and I have to say he absolutely loves it so I’ve probably been quite lucky. If you’re anxious about it I’d definitely speak to the setting and try to do as many settling in sessions as you can, we did an hour there with me with him, then 2 hours another day and then 4 hours before starting properly so not sure if that helped. I’d also limit the ‘lingering’ on drop off, he goes straight in with no fuss and I save any questions etc that I have for pick up as then I think it makes it easier. What’s your LO like generally? Are the quite happy around others or are they more clingy?x

My boy is starting at 9months in a week and a half 💔 following for help! Struggling with it all so much already. He’s hating the settling in sessions and just cries 😭

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