When to transition to convertible car seat?

Has anyone transitioned their LO to a convertible car seat already? I think my baby is outgrowing his infant car seat. There are car seats on sale this week (Black Friday in Canada!). Any recommendations on which one to buy? I saw the Graco 4-in-1 is on sale. Thinking of buying it.
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I have a small baby so won’t be switching any time soon . But I love these as they convert all the way to booster, so you’ll never need another seat

Safe in the seat is a great IG account to follow, and is Canadian, that has info about when to switch and different seats. There's also a FB group for car seats in Canada but prior get VERY passionate in that group so just a heads up lol

Check your rating o your bucket seat. Many people switch they they find baby and bucket too heavy

Hey, I don't have any input but I'm here to follow this thread. I was wondering what makes you decide to transition? How do you access?

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