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So I’ve just started washing all my baby clothes (ah the smelllll 🥰😍) BUT wondering what everyone has done in regards to putting it all away? I have a wardrobe for them and a set of drawers - how do you decide what goes in what!? I’m definitely most probably overthinking it, and have ordered drawer inserts to sort muslins, bibs, socks etc. Plus plain baby grows and vests. But I’m intrigued to know how everyone else has put things away? 😊
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Almost everything goes into the chest of drawers except the items that need to be hanged like snowsuits and jacket here

The smell is so good isnt it😍😍 I have bits that are like actual outfits hung up up in the wardrobe with cardigans/pramsuit/fleecy babygrows Then i have everything else folded & arranged in drawers in size sort of order! Xx

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