Anybody lay baby on stomach for naps?

She’s obsessed with tummy time and doesn’t really stay napping unless on stomach. She doesn’t sleep over night on stomach, she lays on side with me next to her. Should I be worried?
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My son rolls over on his tummy if he’s on his back. He refuses to sleep on his side or back. He get angry with me when i turn him over lol i just make sure to watch him

I do as well! I just keep an eye & check throughout her nap

No don’t be worried!! I 100% agree w napping on tummy. Mimics napping on chest and helps our boy nap longer and in return feel more rested from his nap Because we nap on tummy I’ve never had to spend $ on sleep sacks and stuff

My baby boy has been sleeping on his stomach since he was like 2 weeks old he won’t sleep any other way and now that he can roll back and fourth if I lay him on his back he rolls right over into his stomach the boy knows what he wants lol

My little girl only sleeps on her tummy as well, they like the pressure. She’s okay especially if she can move her head side to side pretty well

I do and have been for a long time. If it's the only way they'll sleep then it's the only way they'll sleep. They need sleep. Just keep an eye on her

No, you don’t have to be worried just keep a good supervision on them so they want put their face into the bed and suffocate

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