Breastfeeding - Insufficient glandular tissue

I have Insufficient glandular tissue (not enough milk producing glands to give baby full feed) so have always been breastfeeding followed by formula top up. Started with 40ml top ups, now around 60ml - our 9 week old is putting on weight but slowly, so feel like we should increase formula again. I am worried that increasing formula too much will tell my body to produce less milk :( Does anyone have any experience with this?
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Cdc growth charts only account for formula feeding babies. Look at the ones from WHO organization. The growth chart might give you better idea what a combination baby's weight looks like.

That is such reassuring advice @Tamsyn - Thankyou so much! @Shamma my daughter came 2 weeks early and my milk hadn’t come in yet, a midwife from the infant feeding team at the hospital told me on day 1 (she was amazing and could tell where most of my milk glands were by feeling and that IGT was likely due to the flat gap between breasts) I hope feeding is going well for you ❤️

I think I have IGT. I wanted to be diagnosed. But no one could give me any answer neither midwife, health visitors, GP... No one. Would you mind saying how did you get diagnosed that you have IGT?

Wishing you the absolute best! 🩵

All I can say is you’re doing amazing to still continue with the breastfeeding journey despite your setback. From a breastfeeding ms exclusive pumping groups I’m in I’ve learned that babies benefit from just 30ml of breast milk in their diet a day so even if all the rest is formula you’ve done amazing. At the end of the day I’m a huge believer of fed is best so if you need to do more formula top ups in the meantime while you get your supply up as much as possible, then do so! You’ve probably heard this all before but pumping (power pumping especially), massages and keep putting baby to the breast regularly should all help as well as keeping hydrated. Try not to stress as that can affect milk supply. I’m not an expert this is just advice I’ve received from experts! Try and reach out to a local lactation consultant, your health visitor or there should be drop in breastfeeding groups in your community. You can also try call the National Breastfeeding Helpline x

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