Ultrasound to check length of cervix

Has anyone had an ultrasound to check if their cervix is short after having LLETZ? If so, did they also check everything was ok with the baby while they were in there, so to speak?
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I had one privately after being turned down for it by NHS despite risk factors. They checked baby after measurements, yes. I'll hopefully squeeze in a second before 24 weeks

Mine was a few years ago - I don’t recall them really checking the baby just the length of cervix. Mine was measuring short and I ended up have a cervical stitch put in x

Thanks Victoria! I think they said they would give me one at 16 weeks and again at 24 weeks. If all seems ok at both then no further checks needed. Best of luck with your third scan!

I’ve had two so far, and have a third in a few weeks. I had a cone biopsy 5 years ago which I think is a similar procedure. For me, they checked my cervix and then gave me a look at baby. It’s not a long look like with the 12 week or 20 week scan but they give a quick check that everything is okay. My cervix was normal at 16 weeks and 20 weeks but they still want to do one more before 24 weeks. Not sure if that’s the norm or how my hospital operates. Good luck with yours!

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