Hi , my 5 month old went for a nap and woke crying with a temperature of 38.4 , what should I do ? Should I go hospital?
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So I gave him calpool twice today and his temperature is of 38.6 at the moment, I rang 111 and I’m waiting for a call back , hope it’s nothing 😣 he seems fine , he’s smiling and laughing it’s just the temperature

Presumably he had other symptoms or was younger? As long as its just a temperature and they dont have other health issues, you can take them in just in case but there's no urgency. Calpol usually does the trick!

My little one went into hospital with a temperature of 38.2 and it turned out he has bronchitis and that’s why he had the temperature of 38.2

@Samantha 38 is barely a temperature (it's the bodys way of fighting infection). As long as there's nothing else going on, there's no need to panic 🙂. Doctors are always happy to see babies and err on the side of caution if you're worried though. The guidance is call 111/ your gp if their temp is over 39 and they're under 6 months.

Take him/her straight to hospital anything above 38 is classed as dangerous

If he needs the rest, let him sleep! Test his temp again when waking and see about calpol! I give my little girl calpol for teething sometimes

Calpol, the hospital won't be able to do anything unless he has symptoms of something that needs treating. If calpol won't get the temperature down, call 111 or speak to the gp. My son had a 40 degree temperature last week that came down to 38-39 with calpol, the GP checked him over but we just had to wait it out as he was otherwise fine.

Let him sleep and when he wakes up give him then x

@Amy Draper I was thinking it could be due to teething because he can’t get his hands out of his mouth , he fell asleep again on my chest after being asleep for more than 1hour , should I wake him to give some Calpol or leave him to sleep ? Thank you for the advice x

It could be a teething temperature, especially if they’ve woken crying too - could signal teething pain. Have you noticed teething recently? I’d try calpol and do the temp again about 30 mins later and see! If it continues to rise or other symptoms happen, call 111

I would see if calpol brings down the temperature, if it doesn’t then I would call 111 if no other symptoms X

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