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Since having my baby girl I’ve lost a lot of friends, and i don’t have anyone other than my partner and my family to rant to, I just feel as if I have no one and that’s not a nice feeling, I’m still young (18) and I feel as if this isn’t gonna get better
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I'm in the same boat, I'm 25 with 2 young kids. I didn't have many friends before kids and I have less now, I haven't been out of house in over a week and haven't talked to anyone except my husband in almost a week. My husband and I usually only get at most an hour to talk and hang out before he goes to sleep so I'm kinda going crazy these days 😅 if you need anyone to talk to, I'm always available!

no literally same girlll u can text me any time x

There's women who don't even have the support you have, as in your family and your partner. You don't have much in common with your friends right now so it's normal for you guys to now hang out as much. I think you should be grateful for the support YOU DO HAVE and stop thinking about what's gone missing. Everything is going to be ok 🙂🩷

I’m 18 and got a 7 week old…I feel you on this one it can be difficult x

Hey girl , I had my first just turned 18 and it was lonely, I only had family nd my partner, but my son grew up with me, he’s now 13 and I’m 31 and he’s my absolute best friend. I’d go through all the loneliness again. Motherhood is very lonely, I didn’t go to any mother and baby groups as I was socially awkward and felt judged by strangers walking the streets. But things do get easier , discovering your new mum self is amazing. You’ve got this 💪🏻 and you’re amazing, don’t forget that! Here for you wanna chat, or if your from my area I’m happy to come out for walks x

I would say get your self out there and find some mums friends! Motherhood can be so lonely but I would go to some classes if you can xx

Motherhood is lonely some days, & other days you feel like you have all the company you need. I feel you on this, it’s hard when you start having a family and your friends don’t understand that you can’t just drop what you’re doing to go and do the things you used too. I am unfortunately lucky to have a few friends who had babies around the same time as I did. But you can always message me , if you’d like to vent or just have a normal conversation. It’s a hard transition even when you have a few friends with babies. You’ll get through this and things will get easier. I’m always here if you need anything. 💕

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