Cramps with Braxton Hicks

Just wanted to ask if anyone experienced the same. I’ve been having mild period like cramps, in my lower back and hips and legs last night and today, I’m 31 weeks. Is this braxton hicks? My stomach isn’t tight. Phoned triage and advised to take paracetamol and call if still the same, I think I’m going to call back. But just wondered if anyone has had the same?
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Cramps sound like pelvic girdle pain, I’ve had it since 12 weeks!!

Yes!! I get period cramps and I get Braxton Hicks. But they are not the same at all. BH are definitely a tightening sensation that takes my breath away and makes it hard to walk. The cramping feels exactly like period cramps. I have been getting them both for over a month. I’m 35 1/2 weeks.

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