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Has anyone experienced baby with extreme food aversion?? My first baby ate anything and everything right off the bat, but my second had a strong aversion to oatmeal (possibly even an allergy) as she began throwing up multiple times, and since then I've tried carrots and banana and she has similar, less intense reactions (spitting it out, dry heaving, throwing up) I've tried mixing with breast milk to thin out the texture, but she's almost 7 months and not eating any foods ☹️ ..kind of scared of BLW tbh hahahaha but maybe I should try for texture purposes? Lmk if anyone has had a similar experience !
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I started with BLW and my son didn't like anything but broccoli haha. He expressed disgust in grabbing things and preferred purees. So, I do both. I give him purees and finger Foods. I do the fingers food first but he really doesn't like most of the food I give to him.

@Ariana the only reason why I am asking as my boy needs to be peckish to take some purées - other ways he gets irritated or plays with it

@Stephanie thank you for the advice!! What kinds of food did you start out with for BLW? & as they age do you think you will make adjustments in sizes offered (ex: strips of chicken vs. bite size)? I'm also just so scared every time my older daughter gagged on foods I'd be ready to snatch the high chair tray out 🤣🤣 any advice how to get over the fear of seeing them gag is accepted lmao

@Cassidy I'm a nurse and very prepared yet I'm still terrified because when it's your own kids, you just never know how you will react in emergency!! But thank you for the encouragement ♥️ I think we will try!

@justyna with the oatmeal incident I did- but again, that was more of an allergic reaction instead of normal aversion. The other times she was fed before so this is a great idea for me to try that my dumb self didn't even think of 🤣

@Christen I'm with ya mama!! No need for us to feel guilt tho! Milk is their primary source of foods anyways, solids are just supplemental so they're still healthy & fed! Just wish it was an easier journey ❣️ wishing the best for you and your little one

My babe acted that way (with the gagging/spitting out) with purées but has had much more fun and success with BLW I was terrified too but figured at 7 months she’s ready and it’s been less scary than when we tried at 4-5 months

BTW is the best thing I’ve ever done. My twins are 7 and wouldn’t eat anything (my son still won’t eat anything) but my 8 month old eats anything and everything and will snatch it out of your hand to eat it. If you need tips or advice let me know!

I was scared of BLW as well. My son hated all purees I tried for quite awhile but then gave up. The first couple of weeks of BLW were hard, he was gagging a lot but then after that he learned to chew his food now he is doing really well and I'm not so nervous anymore.

Did you try when she is closer to her next feed ?

I'm glad I saw your post bc I've been struggling too. Same thing. My 1st ate any and everything super easy. We did BLW. I planned to do the same with Ashton (7 month old). He turned 7 months on the 11th and he's not interested in the least about food. He doesn't have that same reaction as yours, but he's just totally uninterested. I've been successful only a handful of times. It's been stressful. I feel guilt that he's not eating 3 meals a day and living off milk only.

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