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Does anyone plan on weaning their baby before 6 months? I’m planning on doing it around 5 months (if you don’t agree that’s fine but please don’t comment). For those in the same boat as me, what do you plan on weaning with? I’m thinking of doing sweet potato with carrot/broccoli and blending it up.
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@Jess how many weeks was he when you gave him baby food first? Maybe we can try that too

I am also planning on weaning but at 4 months. My son is 12 weeks and formula just doesn't satisfy him anymore 😅. We are planning on sweet potato too but I have heard it's best to start with one veggie to let their stomachs get used to it.

Hey hun i weaned early with my first and they normally recommend for you to start with one veg at a time incase of allergies

I do, I plan on introducing it at the end of 3 months/ beginning of 4. I’m going start with baby rice/porridge x

@Jess I wanted to give him abit of Christmas dinner too!! They’re right on the line of the recommended weaning age so seems silly to miss out for their first Christmas haha xx

Yeah do it. I started him when he was just under 4 months so try whatever you feel more comfortable hun xxx

My son’s 3 months tomorrow and we’ve been occasionally giving him baby food - custard and porridge both state 4-6 months on the pack. We’re gonna wean him from next month, about 4 months old then. Gonna give him some blended Xmas dinner🎄

@Olivia to be fair my son is 4 months on 14th December. I might start trying baby rice at 4 months first bcos I want to involve him in Christmas xx

Heyy, my sons just over 4 months old and I started him a few weeks on 4month + puréed food. He loves it! He has 1 every other day but gonna start putting him upto more I think xxxx

I'm planning on introducing weaning at around 5 months too and I'll start with blended stuff. I was thinking carrots, broccoli and sweet potato too 😂 starting off with puree and then move onto blw

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