Hi I’m 33 weeks pregnant and I have just a bad cold, sniffly nose and my sinuses are blocked and I have such a bad headache, my ears also feel like they need popping.. Anyone know what this could be? I am going to do a covid test soon
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Test is negative just a bad cold I have thank you everyone x

I had a sinus infection through most of my pregnancy especially in the beginning months and towards the end around 30-40 weeks. Nothing I did help. All I can say is saline and maybe check your blood pressure.

Probably just a cold virus but good to test for Covid just in case

This time of year the cold/flu is very high and common. I’ve found I’ve also got blocked sinuses and ears popping but midwives told me that was normal! Headaches also common. I wouldn’t worry too much and test to make sure! Xx

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