Hospital bag

I’m 26 + 4, just wondering when I should start packing my hospital bag?? And what is a must have? X
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I’m planning on putting it together over Christmas 😊

I’m 28 weeks and I’ve just started ordering bits for the bag, will probs pack just after 30 weeks x

I’m 27 and have started ordering bits just so I have it all when it comes to pack. Helps keep me calm 🥲❤️

I’ve started getting bits here and there and chucking it in the bag. Will pack properly once I have everything - hoping to have everything by Christmas x

I was thinking of doing mine during the Christmas break 😊 but have started gathering bits that will go in the bags x

I'm starting about 30 weeks x

I’d say like 34+ weeks x

I’d say from 30 weeks it would be an idea to start 🥰

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