I’m 36 almost 37 weeks pregnant I can’t do this anymore i can’t sleep Im in pain which has gotten worse since his dropped I suffer from pgp which has just gotten worse and worse I can’t do this anymore I’ve tried everything im so exhausted like I want my little man I just can’t do the pain and im honestly at a loss of what to do anymore
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@Nita thank you so much this helps alot I’ve asked my social worker if I can bring my appointment to tomorrow so we can work out a plan

I was the same as you in terms of the pain and feeling overwhelmed. Due to other health issues they said they could deliver at 38 weeks and I just had to make it to that for a scheduled c-section. My baby girl was fine and is doing so well now. Talk to your midwives and doctors about options as soon as you can and advocate for yourself. In your case the lack of sleep can be dangerous and we don't want you having an accident, for example. I hope it all goes well.

@Alexa I have I’m with a special midwife group they can’t do much till scans on Thursday and they can’t prescribe anymore pain meds as it’s highly addictive the best they can’t do Is paracetamol

Yikes ya in order to get some stronger you need to talk to a high risk

@Alexa I have I’m on strong pain meds but they aren’t doing anything and they won’t prescribe anything else as high risk

Why don’t you talk to your doctor about pain they can prescribe you some also for you to be able to sleep

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