Side of the crib

Has anyone taken the side of their toddlers crib yet? And if so when did you know it was the right time?
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We’ve been in a floor bed since 9m. Basically when he started standing! But he’s never been a good sleeper 🙈 x

My eldest was out of her cot by now and in a toddler bed mainly cause youngest would be needing the cot but also she hated it but youngest is still in it and she has made no attempts to climb out so not planning to move her while she’s happy and sleeping through, when she starts trying to climb out we will be taking the sides off

@Charlotte all props to you if you give it ago 😂 I am choosing wisely what I progress early with this time around lol

@Jolou 😂 he’s quite a good sleeper we’d just have to make sure we got a bed guard and his bedroom door stays shut. Tempted to give it a go 😂

Absolutely not 🫣😂 god no I am not ready for that I’d be up all night putting her back in lol. I will do it when she starts trying to climb out x

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