Nursery and Routine

What are all your experiences/opinions? Our LG goes to nursery 3 days a week 8-3. At home she has 2x 45 mins naps in the day (930 and 230) that then sees her sleep for roughly 10 hours at night. Nursery have left her multiple times to be awake for 7-8 hours because she "hasn't shown she is tired" or was "happily playing". They also do not offer her any milk in the day although she still has 2x120ml in the day with us at home. Her night sleep is then effected by the nursery. What do you think? Should we be pushing more for them to stick to her routine? Or is this something other people experience?
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This is happening to me right now too and she literally looks sick when I collect her .. she’ll sleep in the car on the way home at like 6pm and all eve she’s so upset and miserable cos it’s not enough !

No that's not okay and I would suggest you address it with management.

Hey really sorry to hear your nursery is like this, so my boy started when 8 months old and is in 4 days a week and they follow his routine to a T, some days are different ofcourse but they regularly ask me if any changes in routine at home, only issue I ever had with them was when I dropped his afternoon bottle as he was refusing lunch etc and was advised to do so they kept giving him it and then the HV at the review said it needed dropping fully they then listened xx

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