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I’ve just had the freerider carrier delivered and tried it out and it was too fiddly. Can anyone recommend a good baby carrier? X
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I had a baby bjorn carrier with my first and loved it! I could put it on by myself and it lasted well up to my LG being almost 1! I had a wrap when she was a newborn as well which was great for around the house 😊

Have a look/ask on local mum groups to see if you have a sling library near you so you can try ones out 😊

@Maeve it's in John lewis for £150 at the moment

@Maeve I think if I spend that I’d be tempted to get the artipoppe. I’ll have a look as I haven’t heard of that yet xx

I used a close caboo with my son and purchased one for this baby too. Got it on vinted for a good price.

@April yes I saw people recommend it to which is why we went for it. I think it's currently 20% off on Black Friday too but from what we've tried so far it seems really simple xx

@Beth I was looking at this there’s a few mummy bloggers I follow and they’ve recommended it. And it looks quite easy xx

Baby isn't here yet but we've gone with the Najell Rise - it's magnetic and really easy to put on. We've got a (much cheaper) sling as well to use around the house xx

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