First settling in session 😥

We had our first nursery settling in session today. We stayed together for 90 mins. Tomorrow morning I'm going to stay for 10 mins then leave her for the remaining hour or so. Today went well but I feel so sad about leaving her in a strange place. How has everyone's else's experiences been?
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We did our settling in when baby was much younger (aged 6 months!) but she loves nursery so much now and they do all sorts of things we would never do at home with her at this age like playing in the sandbox and painting! Her smile when she sees her keyworker lifts my heart. It’s hard at first but it’s so worth it!

@Elle thats so good to hear!

No experience, but my LG has hers end of January 🫣. I’m dreading leaving her with strangers, knowing how clingy she is to me already. But I have chosen a lovely nursery, which I know she will thrive in and feel safe. Luckily she’s only going 2 days PW as I’ve chosen to only go back 2 days, so that’s not to bad.

It is daunting but I just didn’t allow myself to think. I left when she was calm which was quite soon & went and grabbed a coffee down the road. My little girl loves her nursery, she kicks her legs excited when we pull up and when I go collect her and ask if she’s coming home she actually shakes her head 😂 she cries sometimes being put in the car seat which I can only assume is because she’s sad to leave! Her key workers always tell us she’s had a great day x

Mine is tomorrow. I’m so excited and nervous for him 😢 I’ve got his clothes all laid out, bag ready, but I don’t want it to come

@Holly this is lovely to hear. Thank you!!!

@Katrina how did it go??

Amazingly! He loved it and within 3 minutes left me on my own to go and play 😂 one of the other kids kept taking toys off him so he went off and got a new toy to play with. No whinging, no crying, no looking back 😢 got his second visit tomorrow where I’ll stay for a little and leave him for 2 hours. Next week I leave him for 3 hours and then the following week he’s in 8-5 3x a week 😬

@Katrina glad to hear it! We had our third one today. It went really well!! She napped there fine. I'm so pleased xx

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