Anyone still feeling extremely tired in their second trimester. I'm 16 weeks and still waiting for that energy everyone talks about having in the second trimester 😭
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16 weeks and I feel more energy almost as normal xx

Yeah, 18w with a 10m old going through a sleep regression😳😂

18 weeks tomorrow, I think it's a myth 🤣

19 weeks - Mine goes through phases. I certainly feel a lot more out of breath very easily, sometimes doing nothing 😅

Yep and I have a 14 month old 😆

I’m 19 and half weeks, still not got it 🤣

I'm 19 weeks and my energy is back to normal. Only this week tho I hope it continues like this .

Same here. I’m 18 weeks and the ‚second trimester energy’ hasn’t arrived yet 😂

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