Found babies heartbeat🥹

Found babies heartbeat today, just love the sound !! I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow 🥰
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@Santa oh really! That’s very reassuring thank you, I know that she will be an amazing big sister but the thought of a newborn and a toddler can seem a little scary some days 🙈🥰 im sure it will be amazing !!

@thank you 😍 and for that you have toddler, it won't that bed, I had my all kids with 2y 2months difference 💪😁

@Santa aww that’s so great congratulations!!

@Sophie yeah we are in for a crazy ride I think 🙈🤣

@Adele we told our other kids that we are havenig a baby and found the heartbeat today 😍

@Adele I did notice that🤣. I do wonder what I am letting myself in for haha xx

@Sophie aww lovely, we also have a toddler the same age by the looks of it! How strange! 🙈 xx

We are due the same day, such a beautiful sound🥹❤️

@Adele ill try today 😍

@Rose I just got this from someone off Facebook market place when I was pregnant with my first, but you can buy them on eBay for like £10

Where is this from?

I will be 11 weeks this week

@Santa todays the first day I’ve been able to and I’ve been trying most days! Don’t give up 🙈xx

I'm trying and couldn't find 😁 I'll be 11 weeks on Saturday 🥰

I'm 11 weeks tomorrow too! ☺️

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