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Anyone else 10 month old meeting all milestones but in the 1-3rd percentile? Are you doing anything to help baby gain weight? How are you dealing with nagging feeling that you are not doing enough 😔?
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@Jessica thank you!

@Nariman sorry forgot to hit reply to tag you, but I did just scroll a bit :).

Wakeup 6:00 (6oz milk) Breakfast 7:00 Snack 9:00 10:00 8 oz milk 10:30 nap 12:00 lunch 2:00 6oz milk 2:30 to 3:15 nap we limit this one since we are getting ready for one nap since daycare only does one and she is starting in Jan. 4:00 snack 6:00 dinner 6:30 Bath 645 milk 8 0z (she doesn't finish is most nights she will have between 6oz and 8oz) Bed 7:00 If she wakes during the night we offer water in a bottle still. Bad habit we are trying to break is feeding to sleep during the night. Dr suggested to offer water in her bottle and adter the first night she was fine now we can just patt her to sleep most times :)

@Jessica hey! Do you mind giving an example of your babies schedule? I’m trying to do the same but cant figure out when to feed baby snacks in between milk and meals, my baby is formula fed.

@Wannie meal times are totally hit and miss. Their main diet should be breastmilk or formula anyway. Don't stress. The milestones are the biggest thing as long as he is hitting all of them he's perfectly healthy. Good things come in small packages. 🫶

@Wannie I cooked then with unsalted butter, Terragon and lemon juice (you could use dill too, sometimes I do cajun or bbq)all no salt. Quick sauté and I cut them with some scissors lol quick quick like 1cm long peaces.

@Jessica how do you serve the shrimps?

@Jessica thank you! I love the meals ideas. I will PM you, I need some ideas

@Melissa I love that I can carry him and cuddle him for so long. Thank you for the warm words. He is meeting all his milestones and he is very active. I just start to worry when he shows no interest in meals sometimes

Thank you ladies!

As long as your doc isn’t concerned, I wouldn’t be! If baby is staying on their curve then that’s what matters!

I have 100% the opposit so maybe I am doing something that could help. I was worried but the other way around. We have now found a balance and doing great. She is 10 months and has 3 meals and 2 snacks with 28oz of milk. For meals we do one meat protein + one legume/mushroom/nut or dairy. Then we have 1 veggie minimum 1 fruit and 1 grain. Snacks we do one protein meat or other one veg or fruit and one grain ex: toast, cream cheese, I simply thaw frozen fruits and put in on there too. Wipped est cottage cheese and cinnamon with apples is one of her favorites. She is a 27lbs and 78cm tall cutie 🥰 Hopefully this helps 💜

The percentiles are there to make sure baby is measuring consistently. Everyone comes in different shapes and sizes. Doctor's measure percentiles because they don't want baby to drop or gain percentiles too quickly. Is your baby hitting all their milestones? If they seem to be hitting their milestones, then there is nothing to worry about. Your baby is just petite. Your back and shoulders will thank you later. Take it from me my girl is in the 85th percentile. She is so heavy. As long as they continue to stay within their percentile you shouldn't be concerned.

My son is 15th percentile in weight but 3rd percentile in height. Both me and my husband are very short and he's thriving so my doctor is not worried. But I can't help feeling like you are.. I've been having milk supply problems and he won't take formula so it's hard. He is a big eater though, and he's a super happy baby, hitting all milestones so trying my best not to worry but I completely understand how you feel. People think my son is 5-6 months old when they see how small he is 😔

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