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I'm getting booted off Medicaid because my baby daddy got a new job and now our income is "too much". We do not make enough to get private insurance and we aren't technically married (common law, but no certificate) so I can't get on his insurance through work... I nanny full time but am not offered insurance through my job... I'm not sure what to do. I have an appointment in a week and a half to get NIPT and another ultrasound and I'm very afraid of what that will cost out of pocket.
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I found this.

If you are pregnant you might fall into a different bracket. Did you tell them that you’re pregnant?

@Natalia thank you!

Insurance will respect common law marriage! You will need an affidavit to submit to insurance and possibly tax records or other ways of verifying common law. Employer health plans are required to acknowledge common law marriages in the states it is recognized.

Look into help for prenatal visits on google with no insurance and maybe consider going somewhere else. Also look for organizations that help single mothers. I know I’m Florida there’s ones like healthy mothers healthy babies, but I’m sure there’s other options out there. You’re legally single so you should be able to find some form of help or some place that can perform it at lower cost. Or consider asking a local church for help with bills possibly

You could get legally married at the courthouse to get on his work insurance?

I'm in texas so on our taxes we're married simply because we file that way after living together for so long. So medicaid considers our marriage status whatever the IRS considers it. But my husband's Job's insurance wont consider our marriage valid without a certificate of the state. So I'll look into what tax credits may be offered, and may also look into "divorcing" on our next tax filing... I'm not financially literate enough to navigate this well though 😭

Weird that they count his income when you aren't legally married. You can check to see if your state has a tax credit program. Idaho has one, if you make too much for medicaid but still not enough for private insurance you can apply for the tax credit and they help pay for private insurance. Not sure what other states offer it though.

You need to tell Medicaid you guys broke up and done everything tell them you guys are together.

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