How much to spend?

How much to spend on a nursery friend's birthday gift (3yo)? This is our first invite to a party.
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I wouldn’t get peppa pig things. I once went to a party, the theme was paw patrol. The kid got 3 of the same toy. Get what you can afford. I ended up getting the kid some sunglasses that were polarized and near indestructible from Amazon. It also had a warranty, just in case you lost the glasses, they would send you new ones.

A nursery friend definitely £10-15, different if was a close family friend!

$20-$30 is typical if I dont plan ahead. I try to find things when they are on sale and have a birthday tote we pick from. I try to get generalized gifts that could go either way (like I have abc magnets, legos, decorate a tumbler and sticker books in there now). With those, I do $20-30 if they weren’t on sale, so 1-2 gifts depending.

Just give gift receipt


Thanks ladies. I was thinking around the £10/£15 mark. If the invite had for example 'peppa pig' would you get something peppa pig related or steer clear incase they get loads of dulicates/same stuff?

whatever you can afford, or £10-30 gift card or cash in card :)

I wouldn’t go more than £5 to £10. Have a look in somewhere like the works or b&m.

£10-20 is what we do.

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