Not gaining weight!

I have no clue what to do at this point my Lo is on SMA althera. The formula was way too thin she was throwing up whole bottles so started using carobel that worked she gained 1lb in 2 weeks but became very constipated so we stopped using the carobel she started throwing most of the bottle back up and gain 1oz in 2 weeks… she also is still arching her back/throwing herself back after feeds and in discomfort with being constipated. She has also started getting a very slight rash on her face again I feel like I can’t win! Shall I go back to the gp
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So my little one really does well with a little bit of baby rice in his formula. I do about 2-3 tablespoons in each bottle. It helps it stay down in his belly better and less spit up. But it does make him have a harder time pooping and sometimes causes constipation. I definitely recommend talking to your pediatrician about these issues. I hope this helps you 💕

Try adding breastmilk to your formula

We didn’t get on with Althera we asked to change the milk so we then got put on SMA alfamino. Still really thin but my LO could keep it down - you could ask to try omeprazole if your LO suffers with reflux? X

Check the ingredients is it amino based or hydrolysed milk protein based?

@YazmynJade it’s milk protein base maybe that is the issue 🤦🏻‍♀️

@Grace yeah I'd switch to an amino based one

More than likely need an amino acid formula or reflux needs medicating with a PPI. Are you weighing at home or under a HCP team? X

@Yazmin the health visitors have been weighing her. They said to wait 3 more weeks weigh her again then go back to the gp if she still hasn’t gained much but she has a review at the gp next week so I may just mention it then xx

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