I am wanting to spend as much time as I can with my fiancé before the baby gets here in April and the only time I get to spend time with him is on the weekends because of our work schedules during the week. I am also feeling very attached to him right now. He’s all I want to be around because he’s my comfort. Am I selfish for not wanting to spend time with friends until after the baby gets here?
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I understand this completely. A lot of my feelings is because all my friends are out drinking and things I can’t and nor want to do anymore. I love spending as much time as possible with my fiance because we relax and enjoy our time together! I personally dont feel bad about it at all. lol it’s your time to be focus on you, your baby and family ❤️

Absolutely not. I was the same way with my first baby & y’all will be so focused on baby when they get here, use this time for you two as much as you need. Your family you’re creating comes first, if friends can’t understand oh well.

I understand where you’re coming from, but I also think balance is key. A well rounded support system can do a lot and help maintain your personal identity separate from your partner and being a soon to be mom. You need to do what’s best for you, but I think it’s important to note that sometimes what we want isn’t what’s best for us, nor is it what’s best for our relationships, both romantic and platonic. When baby comes, you’ll be consumed and in rapture and it’ll be much harder, even with an active partner to make the time to spend time with friends.

@Lacey nah I completely understand what you mean and I think most of us feel the same way!

@Kelly Mae my fiancé is my comfort right now. Like my security blanket so he’s basically the only one I want around me at the moment. Thank you for making me feel better about it. They were starting to make me feel guilty for wanting as much time with him as I can get

@Lacey you owe nothing, I have one best friend. She lives 4.5 hours away. She’ll come visit once every 3 or so months since we’ve gotten really close so during that time she comes I will make time for her since she has to drive. But otherwise? Nah, I need my fiance around me and so do you. It’s important especially to solidify your bond with your partner and make them the priority. Because for the first couple months it’s gonna be stress, no sex where you can bond that way and it’s also gonna be a lot of planning after that. In order to have a night out, you have to find a babysitter make sure they stick to it and come etc

@Kelly Mae my best friend and I usually hang out on Friday nights and I told her I wanted to spend time alone with him Friday-Sunday and she’s saying I hurt her feelings. Everyone at my work is saying I need to make time for my best friend instead of my fiancé and are basically calling me selfish. But I work with my best friend so I’m with her 8+ hours a day throughout the week

Nope!! I completely understand. I’ve never felt this attached to someone before until I got pregnant with my fiancés baby. (My first) and my family gets upset I don’t really want to be around them and only with him sometimes. It doesn’t help my fiance has been stressed which has made him pull away a bit. :/ but it’s not selfish at all! It’s completely natural to be very attached to the father of our kids especially while pregnant

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