Sleeping Through the night

Anything you mamas did to help your baby sleep through the night? My baby boy is about to be 5 months old and wakes up at least twice during the night.
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@Amber I’d be happy if my baby slept for 2 hrs, he’ll nap 45 minutes max during a whole day.

Mine hardly naps during the day as well, but in case she does, it caps at 2 hours. With how long her wake windows are though now a days, she wouldn't get 2 hours anyway.

It’s honestly worth the money! I’ve tested nights she doesn’t use it verses when she has it on! Her sleep is so much better with it on!

@Jess I’ve seen that brand pop on my feed. I want one for myself😅

Of course! For sleep sack we used dreamland baby, they’re weighted sleep sacks, they’re pricy but it helps my little one sleep alot better!

@Jess thank you for sharing. I am not using a white noise machine yet but will look into pros and cons. Thanks again 🤗

@Edith i’ll try the sack and white noise thank you!

@Amber thank you for sharing! My baby doesn’t nap during the day which makes me wonder why he’s not sleeping longer at night

I think there’s so much pressure to make sure babies “sleep through the night” but at 5 months it’s still very normal for them to be waking up. My daughter is 5 months as well. She will wake up once a night but not always. Each little one is so different! Also if you’re using a white noise machine I would look into the negative affects of that and try some natural nature sounds 🤗

Same routine: Dim lights, diaper, sack, bottle (if needed), white noise

Not sure exactly which one helped: when we wanted to start her sleeping longer, we didn't do it all at once. We stetched the time little by little, and changed feeding times to get most of the calories in during the day. Also, we make sure to cap naps at 2 hours during the day. She still doesn't "sleep through the night". We still have to wake her up to give her a bottle at 9;30pm but from there she'll sleep until 5:30am. We are working on getting more ounces in her daytime bottles in order to get rid of that 9:30pm feeding. We will need to change feeding times yet again for that when her ounce intake goes up more.

We on a sleep routine

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