Returning to work

Don’t get me wrong I am looking forward to having some of me time. But is anyone else really struggling with anxiety about going back to work? Lil boy hasn’t been left with anyone expect his daddy. And luckily our parents are having him while I’m at work but I’m so anxious about going back. Is there anyway to make this easier I have less than four months till I go back.
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Is there any way your work supports KIT days? To ease you back in? X

Yep, it's stressing me out too and I'll be working from home on flexible hours. I think a new routine is going to be the hardest part and letting go of the reins a little (tiny bit 😉)

I am only because there’s been a lot of changes happening since I’ve been off in the short space of 5 months time! I’m not due back for another 6 months but it’s still daunting to go back to so much change I feel like I’m gonna be learning everything from scratch again. In terms of LO the nursery we’ve chosen do settling in days which has eased my worries about that, your LO will be with people he recognises knows and who love him :) wish I had that option x

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