Please help..Recommended doner egg after first cancelled this right?

Really looking for some advice and help as im so confused. I have just recently had a cancelled first cycle as I didnt respond to the medication. I had 3 visible follicles but they only grew to 10mm. I have an AMH of 2.2 and im 37. Apparently I was on the maximum dosage of menopur and gonal f and after a follow up appointment today where I thought they were going to talk to me about changing my medication and start again, they actually have told me that if I want to continue with my own eggs we can and they will up my dosage ( even though I thought I was on maximum) however they think the best route for us would be to continue with a donor egg as unlikely it will work with my eggs. Has anyone been in this situation? It feels so early to give up on my own eggs. I don't know how I feel about donor eggs and I just don't know what to do. All thoughts welcome. Thank you in advance
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Of course, it was the Hewitt Centre at Liverpool women’s hospital. We travelled for appointments which added a little extra planning and stress but very much worth it for the care we received.

@Kate thank you so much for coming back. I wondered if you would mind sharing who your 2nd clinic was? X

Thank you so much ladies x

I think depending on amh etc sometimes mini stims or less meds is better than maxing out - I’m not over 35 but I am POI so very few follicles to work with. I’d do some more research and listen to your gut 🤗 good luck 🍀!

I would look into "carnivore diet" to heal and increase chances of pregnancy naturally. Or if not, there is a book which is very interesting to read.. it's called "The infertility cure". Anyone who reads the book can diagnose their own problems, and find the diet, acumpucture and herbal supplements recommended to fix it! There is in audible version as well.

I had exactly the same thing happened to me. Totally feel like I wasn’t really given a chance, I think at the time I was roughly the same sort of age too. I have a genetic condition which meant I needed to go through PGD, so it made things a lot more difficult for me. But I was pushed down the route of donor eggs, I feel like I rushed into the whole process. Having said that I’m still not getting anyway now that I have had donor eggs. I’m currently in my fifth TWW hoping that this sticks after changing clinics. It almost feels as if I’m just not meant to carry a child. Anyway, do take the time you need before rushing into anything. X

Hi, firstly I’m so sorry you find yourself in this situation. This journey is so tough! We were recommended the donor route following our first round of ICSI ending in total fertilisation failure. Appreciate this is a different situation to yours, but we did a lot of our own research and changed up clinics and I’m now sitting with my 2 week old baby girl. Following our experience I would always say do some digging and see what else is out there. Our second clinic offered so much more and the recommendation we were told first was not necessary at all. Keep going and I’m sending lots of positive thoughts x

I think I would try once more with increased doses and see how you respond. Maybe also see another Dr for a second opinion

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