Gasping/holding breath sounds

My 4 month old just started doing this strange gasping/holding breath and kicking legs and arms when I lay him on his back but does not seem to be in distress. He smiles or babbles sometimes after he does it and then keeps doing it. Anyone else’s baby do this? It’s only when he’s on his back otherwise he is fine.
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My baby is doing this now. Scared the crap out of me. The pediatrician says she’s just finding her voice

My daughter does this & my first did it as well. It’s like they get super excited lol. I wouldn’t worry unless you think it’s to the point where he could be in distress. Otherwise, they’re just learning how to do new things

You might need to take him to his pediatrician to see what y’all can do going forward because it might be that rare condition where they hold their breath and it can be a very scary sighting to see

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