Positive Test

Hi Mamas.. Am I bugging? Todays supposed to be the first day of my period. I'm normally like clock work. So I did a pregnancy test.
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Hi Guys! I did... pregnant ✨

It looks positive to me ! Did you retest? Xx

It looks positive to me! But try a pink dye test as they are much more reliable. Congratulations! X

Digital tests need way more of the hormone to show a result so it’s probably just too early for it to detect yet. Congratulations! X

You don't get false positives. I've heard digital tests are not as sensitive. You are definitely pregnant, just probably very early. Congratulations!

Two faint line clear blues but a negative digital test 😅

Faint line❤️ congrats

Looks positive to me!

Looks like a faint positive! I second retesting in a couple of days x

I see a cross line but wait 2 days then retest

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