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Hello ladies, this is really embarrassing as it seems so childish but I need some advice on meals to offer fish to my baby. I do not eat it at all, as ridiculous as it is I have a bit of fear over it, cannot stand the smell or look. I don’t want to not give to my baby because of this as she needs good nutrients. Please help me with recipes which have minimal smell and suitable for a 9 month old
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I give my daughter tinned mackerel / sardines. No prep. Just spoon into bowl and away she goes. Loves it.

I don't think seabass tends to smell, much. Seabass fillets can be cooked in the oven in about 10/15 minutes. Might be worth a try. That was the first fish we gave our little boy and he liked it 😊 You've made me wonder how fishy-smelling some of my fishy dishes are!!!

I use frozen fish steaks, poach them and then just mash into some potato with sweetcorn puree to make "fish pie". Can use any fish :) tinned salmon (if you are in the UK) is also really easy and less.of a fishy smell as you don't need to cook it

Salmon with white rice it’s just a chunk of meat lol you buy it already prepped and just rub with olive oil lemon , garlic and cracked pepper throw it in the oven

Could you maybe get some frozen white fish and just bang it in the oven or poach it? Then mash it with a bit of potato? I find white fish doesn’t smell as ‘fishy’. I’m not weaning yet though so not sure if that’s okay

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