Baby shower questions

I'm a first time mum so clueless, a few people have mentioned about a baby shower. Who normally arranges them? Would it be me as the mother or friends/family?
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I arranged my own with some help from my sister and best friend. But I'm a control freak so it wouldn't have been any other way 😅

I arranged mine (wanted to do it myself I had a vision🤣) and my sister and mum helped with some DIY bits/setting up food etc

My boyfriend’s mom and my sisters are planning mine. It’s really up to you. If someone Wants to plan it for you just let them!

I was originally planning mine but then My dad and his girlfriend (mainly his girlfriend) took over! But I would’ve happily done it myself! X

I cohosted mine. It helps; especially since I wanted to pick the theme. Plus, I’m not a fan of cake, so we agree to cupcakes. I really enjoyed being a part of the decision process, especially since I’m very picky

My best friends organised mine and my MIL hosted it at her house.

I arranged mine, my mum and sister and friend helped with bits where I asked them too. Hubby chipped in with cost. We had it at our house. I don’t think it’s seen the same as hen parties where someone else will deffo plan it for you.

My bestfriend and sister did mine - they had a WhatsApp group chat with my mum & fiancé's mum so everyone was included xx

I co-planned with my friend. :)

I unfortunately don't have a close support system so I've planned all my own.

My mum, sister and sister in law arranged mine

My sister, best friend and mum arranged mine :)

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