If your babies constipated do they still eat ? My boys 15 weeks. He’s been quite constipated for a few days. And today he’s only had 6oz. By now he’s Normally had 3-4 6oz bottles. Not sure if it’s normal or if I should call the doctors. Thanks x
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Yeah i would give them a call. Is he having wet nappies? X

@Leolie it’s been a couple of days. He’s had a couple of little poos but nothing major at all. I’m going to call 111 as usually by now he’s had at least 30z but he’s only had 11 today 😞 xx

How long has he been constipated for? My LG is usually more sick when she’s not been, sometimes she goes every 48 hours but will still take all her bottles. I would maybe monitor for the next 2 feeds and call 111 for advice x

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