Send help not napped all day

My girl is normally a happy baby and has a nap morning and then late afternoon sometimes 3 naps. Today not one nap I had to have her in the bathroom with me when I showered this morning. She then became sleepy around 11 this morning but had fought with herself since then I’ve tried changing, feeding, closing curtains, white noise, cuddling and sshhing her. At one point i tried leaving her but the scream got louder and louder it was 5 mins before i decided to go in and lay with her i even got in my bed around 1pm but shes not having it she hasn’t stopped screaming thought she may be in pain from teething so gave her teething gel but she’s still screaming! She’s obviously tired I’m out of ideas! This is not like her at all… help 😂
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@Stephanie i tried the pram walk this made it worse i have no idea what to do im hoping she will go to sleep out of exhaustion soon x

My boy gets exactly like this and it’s exasperating but the only thing to get him off to sleep is a pram walk, then, out like a light in pram

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