I purchased some syringes online to collect collostrum and it said to sterilise before use, they come individually wrapped but I’m still wanting to make sure they are sterile. Can anyone advise?
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@Kassia I’m following! Thanks Kassia :-)

@Leanne ahh okay. If it is a one-time use syringe, then it should be sterile. If they get used, then they should be sterilized or thrown away. You cannot open the syringe and leave it out or else you will have to sterilize them again.

@Kassia to my knowledge one time use. It just says make sure they are sterile so could be if opened don’t use? May be the wording

@Leanne are they reusable syringes or something?

@Kassia I purchased from Amazon. They have arrived individually packed

Generally if they’ve come from the UK they’ll be sterile. They usually say on the packet but also if they’re in a packet singly they’re sterile.

?! What kind of syringes did you buy? They should all be sterilized!

@Kirsten you’d think they’d have been made in a sterile environment 🥺 I’m not seeing my midwife again now, I could give her a call. They came individually wrapped with the seal 🤔

Oh that's strange. They should be sterilised. Should say on the packaging if it's sterilised. The ones I ordered have the method of sterilisation on them. If your unsure you can ask your Midwife for some that are definitely sterile. Dose it come with instructions on how to sterilise?

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