I have zero symptoms except constipation. It’s been like this for about 2 weeks now. I haven’t 💩in a week! Should i be worried about my baby?
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I took lactaloose from my chemist. It’s a laxative but it’s not harsh and you don’t end up going the other way 😂😂 I take it daily (it’s tastes of nothing!) to help me stay regular - doctor also advised me it’s completely normal to be constipated at this stage and it won’t cause any harm to you or the baby by taking lactaloose daily x

I’m 11 weeks and 4 days now. For about a month now I’ve hadn’t felt much symptoms except a little nausea to certain smells and slight cramping at times. You should be ok since not everyone has symptoms, but I’d definitely talk to your OB about the constipation.

I was having bad constipation too but I started taking a stool softener and that helped me but I know everyone’s different. My dr recommended to take magnesium to help with that. Which I tried but the stool softener helped me more. So if you haven’t tried magnesium yet maybe that will help.

Decolax pink overnight pills. Drink at least a liter of fluid the day before and keep hydrated. That’s the only thing that worked for me

Increase your fiber intake, drink lots of water and go for a walk. That’s how I make sure I poop every day 😂😂 my constipation was bad until I started getting a high fiber breakfast. My doctor told me I should also be drinking 12 cups of water a day, dehydration will cause constipation.

My symptoms like nausea are a lot less this week (10 weeks) but my exhaustion is stronger and I've been so much more emotional! I think 10 weeks must be a turning point lol but I would talk to your doctor about the constipation. 1 week is a long time!

I have been taking stool softeners, miralax, prune juice. Nothing works! Yes i had an ultrasound at 8 weeks I’m 10 weeks now

Take a stool softener lol trust me i learned the hard way with getting hemmerhoids preggo🤣

Have you had an ultrasound appointment yet? I wouldn’t stress it not everyone has pregnancy symptoms and some come and go depending on the week.

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