Baby Acne?

Is this baby acne or something else? It’s mostly just on her face and head/scalp.
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Yes it can be both, My friend EBF and her baby had it x

@Marni do you know if they can get this from breastfeeding? I was thinking this but thought it came from formula

My boy had a rash like this and has been diagnosed with CMPA, He did have other symptoms like mucusy poo, unsettled etc xx

Thanks ladies, she’s 4 weeks now and it does change each day or disappear etc, will keep an eye on it while I wait for GP appt

Looks similar to what my baby has had, she's 3 weeks and had this on her face but it changed each day so it would go in one place and appear in another - we just assumed it was baby acne. I put breastmilk on it which helped 😊 I'd defs go and get it checked out though if you're worried xx

Also do the glass test x

Go to the GP, Baby acne normally starts between birth & 4 weeks, my boys started similar to this at 6 weeks, doctor said it was acne, 2 weeks later turns out it is eczema & he had a flare up & has needed steroid cream xx

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