Electric breast pump

Hey girls, I am a bit stuck about investing in a electric breast pump before the baby is here incase it doesn’t work for me. What is everyone doing, are they waiting till babys here to buy one ?
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I was wondering this too! Thanks for posting

I got the mom cozy s12 on Amazon prime Black Friday deals for £30

I have one but the midwife’s advice to wait till after baby’s born incase you can’t breast feed. I got an Elvie off vinted - you can always pick up the expensive ones second hand

Thank you girls xx

Don't buy one until breastfeeding is established. Could end up being a waste of money if anything stops you from being able to breastfeed, see how you get on first and once breastfeeding is established, then get one xx

I bought just 1 pump from Vinted for £30 it’s the Momcozy S12pro I’ll clean and sterilise before anyway but if I don’t get on with it I haven’t spent a fortune then x

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