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Girls what cup have you started your little ones on for drinking water? I’ve got a tommee tippee one but my son just seems to chew on it and uses it as a teether 😂
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@Jaymee this is the one my 11 month old uses and she loves it

Munchkin cup, the one with colour top, clear bottom and a silicone straw with the weight on the end

We’re using this for our 6 month old and we just wanted to get used to folding a cub rather than sippy.

We are using an open cup to start. We used it with formula earlier on but now that she's 6 months we put distilled water in it and give it with mer solids. We use the EzPz tiny cup (holds 1 oz I think). It's weighted on the bottom and a good silicone material. We still hold it for her and she does chew on the side but also get a drink while doing that. It was recommended by our lactation consultant. We got the bundle that has two straw cups for when shed older. We also have the Lalo straw cup that was also recommended by our lactation consultant bc if she squeezes it or pushes on the top water comes up the straw gives that water/straw association. We're not ready for the straw yet but our lactation consultant recommended these over sippy cups because these ones help learn proper drinking habits and oral development.

Try the Tum Tum sippy cup it was the only thing that worked for us x

I tried 4 different varieties of cup/bottles and my daughter refused all of them. So we went straight to a cup, she uses a bottle for milk but drinks from a cup for water.

I got this one for my baby

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