Is it ok to have wine on thanksgiving? Currently waiting for PGT testing results of my embryos

I’ve had my egg retrieval I’m not pregnant yet but i know I should be acting / treating my body like I am pregnant.
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The def ok! Enjoy a bit of stress-free down time. Try not to let your in-laws get to you

Then it’s perfectly fine. Alcohol leaves your system pretty quickly and any trace will certainly be gone by your transfer.

@Lauren no transfer date yet either I’m guessing sometime in December maybe even early January

@Lauren same. Mine were sent out last Thursday I have not had any alcohol just wondering now for the holiday and since my in laws will be watching to see if I drink

@Karen my transfer is not yet scheduled still waiting on PGT tests

I am facing the same dilemma! Waiting for PGT tests. They were sent out last Thursday. I’ve been more relaxed and drinking a bit, but now I’m freaked out and feel like I shouldn’t eat or drink anything that will potentially jeopardize getting pregnant ..

If you haven’t had your transfer yet it’s fine.

When is your transfer scheduled for? If it’s still a while away, I don’t think one glass of wine is going to hurt

I wouldn’t

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