Cat naps during the day

Is anybody else's 7 week old cluster feeds and cat naps all day for about 30-40 mins each ? She sleeps longer when held or in a carseat. But wakes up exactly in 30-40mins when put in a bassinet out of which I spend 20mins rocking and holding her. Night times are really good as she sleeps through the night with one early morning feed but my back hurts feeding and holding her for naps all day 🫠
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Exact same situation here 🙃

Yeah my kid does basically all 30 min naps do usually get a 2 hour nap somewhere. I’m going to try earlier bedtime but either way I think it’s pretty normal. My boy also wakes between 1-3 for a feed at night

Yes my baby does this! But he does it at night also 😭

@Cori I see. Glad to know it's normal. I use carrier for one of the naps in the afternoon but still a lot tiring to hold her or carry her all day and all week. Hopefully we get through this growth spurt soon 😀

Agree with the carrier! We love our baby k’tan But our guy is 100% going through a growth spurt right now so he definitely is feeding more and sleeping less. Right there with you!

Use a baby wrap or carrier!

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