Anyone had a rough introduction of baby and dog

On the first couple days she did extremely well. But we were sitting calmly and the baby sneezed which startled her. Now whenever the baby cries she is barking and whining and wanting to be held. I left the door open I have a monitor over her bassinet to switch laundry (everything in apt is on one floor) She was in the living room the baby whinnied and she rushed across the apt. managed to use the furniture to jump in her bassinet. I didn’t give her time to see what she would do. She my college dog from junior year and my baby. I really don’t want to rehome her. What have you done or did with your pets and baby
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Also, when you are holding the baby then let the dog close to them. You are in control of when the dog is allowed to interact with the baby. Let the dog sniff, nuzzle, be close to the baby so the dog can get used to the noises and smells and movements of baby. X

It’s definitely an adjustment. Luckily my dogs were fine with my daughter the second I brought her home, they were quite exited for the first day but they settled after that. I would be extremely cautious going forward. Dogs have attacked newborns when hearing them cry, just like dog squeaky toys they assume the sound is basically prey that is injured or scared - making them a very easy target. I would try some desensitisation techniques, e.g. playing crying baby sounds to your dog, also baby laughing and babbling noises. Keep the baby separate from the dog when you aren’t in the same room, when the baby is asleep keep the door closed so the dog can’t get in, if the baby is on the floor for tummy time etc then keep the dog in a separate room. I have a stair gate separating my kitchen from my living room, my daughter can roam around freely and the dogs have been able to watch her, smell her and interact with her through the gate. X

It’ll be okay!! Fear is normal, it’ll turn into care and protection. It sounds like it might be concern by the fact that doggy whines when baby is upset. Dogs are extremely maternal and pack oriented. My friend trains dogs and when I brought my son home she told me don’t act any different until the dog shows any sign of aggression. The second they do you NEED to YELL “NO” “THIS IS MY BABY. YOU GO THROUGH ME. DO NOT EVER TOUCH HER.” The only time you yell and assert dominance to your dog Is this situation because they need to know that you are in control and they don’t ever test you:) I’ve had to do it a couple of times as my son got older as he’s learning to not annoy them.

it just takes time. it’s an adjustment for the entire house including your dog.

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