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I’m currently 35+2 and have had a breech baby since 22 weeks I know there is still time for him to turn and they can do it right up to the last minute but just wondering what peoples experiences delivery a breech baby were like? We’ve had a bit of a rocky pregnancy so was looking forward to at least getting to experience the labour side of things but I know caesarean is recommended when bub is breech and definitely more safe if they are feet first as opposed to bum first Would love to hear peoples experiences! Just as a note - we are 1000% not opposed to a c-section and have spoken about the fact there is a high possibility it may have to be done that way 🤣. We’re happy to get bub out whichever way is safest but just curious on what other people have done! We have also decided against an ECV x
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I had something similar and declined an ECV although my midwife did push for me to have one but I ended up picking a c-section as they offered me a natural birth but they started listing the complications and it freaked me out. I had one scheduled for the Monday and went into labour on the Saturday, they checked babies position to see if he was feet down to attempt natural delivery but he was bum down so I really didn’t want to risk it and ended up with an emergency c-section while 10cm dilated but couldn’t fault it. He was here safe and that what all I wanted

I had the ECV which was unsuccessful so a c-section was scheduled. Baby decided not to wait though and I went into labour 3 days before the scheduled c-section. Because of the position baby was in (unusually halfway between transverse and footling breech) and what happened when I went in to labour (suspected cord prolapse) I was taken to hospital on blue lights. Once at the hospital they found thankfully the cord hadn't prolapsed so I was put third in the list for the c section that night behind two more urgent emergencies that had come in. My labour was progressing really quickly though so I got bumped up to top of the list and taken into theatre for a category 2 c-section. All went well in theatre, baby was out super quickly and on my chest which was just the most amazing thing. I did have some complications afterwards but was back home after 3 days. No complications with baby, he did great and continues to thrive!

Hey I had a similar experience! Baby was breech so we tried the ECV but it failed. So we booked in the c section. I ended up going in to labor 2 days earlier and having an emergency c section. I did get to 9cm before they got me up to surgery and part of me is thankful I managed to experience the labour/contractions before I had the section. So if you do book in the planned section it doesn’t mean 100% you won’t experience any ‘normal labour’ Having the planned section date was nice anyway as you knew exactly when baby was going to be here (at the latest) so I felt calm and ready when the time came even though it was early. The actual c section was such a calm and positive experience. we were all just having a chat and next thing I knew I heard my baby boy cry.

I haven’t got any personal experience of the birth as I’m only 26 ish weeks. But I have just finished listening to the hypnobirthing podcast episode on a natural vaginal breech delivery and found it really amazing 🥰 if you have access to it as the podcast itself is on a variety of different platform, I would really recommend listening 🤗 She declined a c-section , had a failed ECV but managed to successful vaginally birth her baby 🤗 Good luck 🍀❤️

Hey! So I had a similar experience with my LB - I was very very much wanting a vaginal delivery in a birth centre but despite 2 ecv attempts he was not for shifting! We spent time talking to consultants as I was contemplating a breech delivery, but for a few reasons ended up going for an elective c-section. The main points that I considered was that to go for a vaginal breech delivery I would need to be in a labour ward with alot of monitoring (compared to a lights off/pool birth), my hospital didn't have a dedicated "breech delivery team" although they were still happy to support me throughout but it might be worth checking if your hospital has staff that have experience with breech deliveries, and they said roughly 40% of breech deliveries ended up in an emergency csection. Due to a previous traumatic pre-term delivery last year, we went for the elective and it was genuinely a lovely experience with our own music, pictures and a calm environment. Fingers crossed your wee one turns anyway!

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