Has anyone else’s relationships changed with family members after baby?

I used to love being with my nana but ever since my baby was born I cannot stand to be around her! She’s constantly pointing out the obvious with the baby like oh you should start your car it’s cold or you should put socks on your baby. Just stupid common sense things that aren’t always necessary. I tell her to stop & that she’s passive aggressive & that I’m my baby’s mom. She gets sad if she doesn’t see the baby for a few days. It’s just annoying because she’s a great grandparent & seems to think my daughter is hers! She needs to stay in her lane but won’t no matter what I say!
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I feel the exact way, like my MIL doesn’t think I know how to care for the baby. And yes it does feel like she thinks the baby is hers but I just suck it up since I need the childcare… I hope one day I can get the courage to speak my mind. It is frustrating but I feel good knowing she is also monitoring these things. I’m not sure the older generation thinks much about it, that they just are naturally inclined to assert themselves and their opinions?

I made it a point with my mom and MIL before my son was born that unless something is dangerous and they can back it up, to stay out of how I parent my baby. My MIL is great, but I've gotten aggravated with my mom a few times. I'd just remind her again of the boundary and tell her something along the lines of "I understand that you're trying to be helpful, but it upsets me when you tell me to do x,y, and z to care for my child. I am babies mother, and I already do those things without a reminder."

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