Ive only seen negative things about glucose tolerance tests. I found it fine and honestly nothing to worry about. Sometimes I’m abit funny with bloods being taken but on this occasion was fine. Drink is literally a lucozade with a slightly strange powdery aftertaste. Just felt the need to post incase any of you have one soon and are worried, it’s nothing to be scared or worried about at all xx
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Same here - I didn’t even find it sweet at all! Just a strange syrup like consistency

I found it fine. Felt a bit whoozy after but I think it’s because I waited too long to eat after and walked home.

@Sarah they must have recently changed it then! That would explain why lots of people say how awful it is xx

@Sarah-Louise I’m so worried about it- without drinking and eating I always pass out having my bloods taken😭 x

@Sarah mine was thick and tasted like syrup 🤢 honestly saw so many people talking about flavours that it was a shock when I drank it and it wasn't like that at all 😅

I had a drink similar to orange caprisun, the one I was given last year with my first was so bad. It was so thick and tasted of pure syrup which was a struggle to drink and to keep it down.

@Jordan you can have a sip of water, but I was encouraged not to have too much.

Can you drink water before and during the test? Xx

I didn’t mind too! My drink was like an orange capri-sun 😂 was lovely! I felt a little dizzy at times, but other than it being a boring 2 hours, it was pretty pain free!

I think it just depends I didn’t find the drink too bad nor the test but afterwards I nearly passed out but I think that’s because it turned out I had it and didn’t react well to it 😂x

I had the same experience. It’s wasn’t bad at all! Even the waiting around. And I got my results 24 hours later online 😊 I felt quite dizzy in the evening but it was super close to bed time so luckily I could just sleep it off.

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